1. Artia Cabinet Hardware Systems Thomastown Car Park Sale

    Artia Cabinet Hardware Systems Thomastown Car Park Sale

    AKonnect Fastening Systems Dandenong Car Park Sale


    Our rtia Cabinet Hardware Systems Thomastown branch is hosting a massive Car Park Sale Day Event. Located at Thomastown, 235 Settlement Road Thomastown VIC 3074, don't miss out on the one day only sale where you save up 92% on the day.

    The event will take place on Friday the 16th of February 2024. Be there from 8am to ensure you score a bargain, however the sale day will continue on until 1pm. Come and grab a snag of the barbeque and a cold drink on us. 


    Key Details:

    ·         Thomastown - 235 Settlement Road Thomastown

    ·         Thursday 21st of March 2024

    ·         9am – 2pm

    ·         One Day Only Specials only at the Thomastown Branch


    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  2. Artia Cabinet Hardware Systems 2023 Christmas Shutdown Period

    Artia Cabinet Hardware Systems 2023 Christmas Shutdown Period
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  3. Storage and Organisation in the Home

    Storage and Organisation in the Home

    Over the decades, storage has become an integral part of any home. People have become more aware of how to better utilize the space without wasting any area within their homes. Over the years, there has been a clever and innovative way have maximized storage in a home. 

    We will discuss some of the ways to better utilize the kitchen space.


    Cutlery Drawer:

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  4. Benefits of Artia Online

    Benefits of Artia Online

    Artia Cabinet Hardware Systems has improved their offerings as a business with their online store. Making it easier for customers to trade online. Giving all users visibility of their orders, invoices, addresses and more. The website has great functionality with the ability to speed up customers’ ordering process. Allowing Artia to continue supplying high quality cabinet hardware systems with superior service levels.

    Artia will continue with Face-to-Face interactions with their customers whilst encouraging them to utilise their website for ordering convenience. The introduction of eCommerce capabilities offers excellent benefits to the user.

    Customers can:

    • Create order templates for fast order process
    • Save favourite products
    • Check and download all invoices
    • Add and/or delete team
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  5. How to Build a Safe & Productive Home Office

    How to Build a Safe & Productive Home Office

    Now that more people are working remotely (at least on occasion), cabinet makers and designers are seeing demand for custom built home offices.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, people were quickly working from home without much thought about their workstation. Many were working on kitchen benches, dining room tables or even on the couch, which isn’t recommended as a sustainable remote working solution.

    To maximise productivity, you’ll need to build your clients a functional, safe and inviting space. We hope that these quick tips help make the design process easier.

    1) Organise unsafe & scattered cables

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  6. Laundry Storage Ideas for the Modern Home

    Laundry Storage Ideas for the Modern Home

    Laundry rooms are often tight spaces and can become a lower priority in home design projects. Consequently, the room becomes a collection of open baskets and limited bench space with no way to hide or organise laundry detergents.

    With so many intelligent design features being showcased on home improvement shows like the Block, it is no wonder that every house maker desires a slick laundry that becomes their pride and joy, with intelligent design features. In this post, we will show you examples of smart solutions that will keep your laundry organised and maximise the space available.

    Artia's range of laundry cabinet hardware elevates the tightest of spaces into a well-functioning laundry. Made in Italy, these components not only add flair but reliable quality for peace of mind.

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  7. How to Pick the Right Cabinet Handles

    How to Pick the Right Cabinet Handles

    Great design requires attention to detail, and designers need to be intentional about the hardware they choose for projects.

    Cabinet handles are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours, which often makes the decision overwhelming.

    In this article, we’ll give you our best tips for narrowing down your options.

    Let’s get into it.


    1) Get Inspired 


    “Thinking about design is hard – but not thinking about it can be disastrous” – Ralph Caplan

    Before we begin choosing cabinet hardware, we suggest you spend time thinking about, noting and researching environments that catch your eye.

    The best places to begin your research are home design or décor magazines, Pinterest and Instagram – where you can collect your favourites based on categories such as bathroom cabinetry, kitchen

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  8. 4 Popular Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2021.

    4 Popular Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2021.

    As a cabinet maker or designer, you’re always looking for new cabinetry ideas and products to impress your clients. Cabinetry Design is constantly evolving every year with new technology, and design trends are making it difficult to stay ahead of the competition.

    We’ve drawn upon our discussions with our valued customers to give you four ideas that will make your projects stand out.


    • Handle less Drawers

    Handle less drawers have become a popular trend, adding a touch of comfort and elegance to your designs.

    With soft-close or push-to-open functionalities, you’re able to create a sense of elegance that your clients will love (For example, see the Topaz slimline drawer systems).

    Most handle-less drawers simply need a push to open, while closing with the lightest touch and without force. Additionally, handle-less drawers will lead to cleaner lines in drawer

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