BMB products are designed to complement and enhance the quality of good furniture, by applying the fundamental principles of function, design and added value.

For over 20 years, BMB has been developing high quality products, finding the regular approval by German craftsmen, and worldwide respect for confirming the credo of German engineered fittings.

Located in the north of Germany near Hamburg, BMB is an enigmatic example of so-called German Mittelstand – medium-sized owner-led companies – with a global reach but steeped in the standards and norms of hanseatic trade where a hand-shake forms the basis of a long and successful partnership, nurtured by dependability and reliability.

For the Australian and New Zealand markets, BMB's key focus has been on Locking Systems, exclusively partnering with Artia to offer a choice of keyed alike and keyed-to-differ lock cores that fit a selection of locks that range from traditional rim or cam locks, to more elaborate Espagnolette locks for large-door cabinets, and even electronically controlled locking devices designed for locker rooms or staff storage facilities.

Cable Management Solutions have been a more recent focus and source of growth for BMB; anodized aluminium frames with soft-close lids offer functional benefits to entertainment units while zinc diecast cable entry caps add value to bespoke office furniture and desks.