Zapphyre Classic Double-wall Drawer System


  • Modern design – The Zapphyre Drawer System is a classic double-wall drawer system with a touch of modern elegance. With its accentuated groove and a silk white finish, it is sure to further enhance the appeal of any cabinetry.


  • Functionality – It ticks all the boxes, from fully synchronised runners for effortless sliding all the way through to soft-close action with an oil filled damper. The 40kg load capacity is generous for anything your clients may want to store in it, and testament to the Zapphyre Drawer System’s built quality.
  • Combination options – Available in six lengths across four drawer heights, with a choice of round or square gallery rails, plus inner drawer options with a choice of sides that not only include double rails but also frosted glass panels, the combination options are virtually unlimited.
  • Cost effective – Don’t let your imagination be limited by ex-factory drawer configurations. The ability to choose at component level enables you to customise drawers for individual projects and flexibly react to change in specifications, always in the full knowledge you only pay for what you really need.
  • Reliable quality – Performance tested to 50,000 open and close cycles, as well as a 48-hour salt spray test, the Zapphyre Drawer System hardware complements your own high quality standards.

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